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Show dates:July 4 (Wed) -6 (Fri), 2018 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on July 6)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
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Silicone Coated Glass Pitcher 1500ml
Category: Pitcher    
Material: Borosilicate Glass, PES, Polypropylene, Silicone, Silicone Coating Size: H27.5 x W15.5 x D12 (cm)
Price 3000 JPY (tax excluded)

Pitcher is made of glass with special silicone coating technology. Functional lid with silicone rim enables pouring and sealing with one hand operation. The ergonomic handle allows an easy grip.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Samily was founded in 2014. Our vision is creating simple, user-friendly and practical products. Iconic Silicone Coating Glass is a breakthrough innovation by the brand, create an excellent splashless feature of Borosilicate Glass.

We did the research and found out that people love to use glass pitcher for containing hot water instead of plastic pitcher but they afriad the fraigile of the glass. That's why we apply the Silicone Coating on the surface on the glass. "No mess if you break the glass". The silicone coating also brings a colorful color to the kitchen.

1. Pitcher, for hot and cold drink
2. It is made of borosilicate glass, PES and silcione as the baby bottle. It has a high heat resistance.
3. Borosilicate glass is a hygienic material, no smell or color tranfer after used and easy to clean.
4. The functional lid and silicone rim enables pouring and sealing with one hand for an enhanced experience.
5. The ergonomic handle allows an easy grip.
6. 1500ml enlarged storage suit different needs and preferences.
7. An additional sealing lid is provided for leak proof feature.