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Show dates:July 4 (Wed) -6 (Fri), 2018 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on July 6)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Company Name
Product Name
buyMood Fun Sticker
Category: Gift    
Material: Plastic Size: H7.4 x W20 x D0.1 (cm)
Price 1000 JPY (tax excluded)

From shying to shining! Get a Cartoon Face Immediately! The most "eye"-catching product!
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Too shy to socialize? Have an anime eyes to help you to break the ice. Attempt to creating special fun experience and inspiring from manga culture. Aim of design is to change people's social behavior & interaction via slightly change appearance. Enhance people's emotional expression & cartoonize personality to make virtual becomes real, this fun sticker is perfect for parties & any group activities to create vibrant atmosphere and help people to deal with awkward situations.

Designing ideas from the popular terms to express feelings, the core design direction is to offer a fun perspective to solving problems, producing cross-cultural design with interesting & interactive ideas to connecting people worldwide.

This sticker can be stick on anywhere, most recommended is put on your face!
Waterproof material, reusable stickers, no sticky residue, put it on face and get your cartoon face immediately! Unique cartoon facial expression also suit well for your suitcase, t-shirt, tablet & laptop, bag & box, helmet, and even your car!

All stickers are made at specialized printing factory with highest quality production process in Taiwan.